California Gold

If you had to choose only one board….

The California Gold is just that. It is one of our newest and very versatile models due to its design. It has a wider and slight beak nose that hides foam for easy paddling, a nice rounded pin, and hard tail edge that goes up 1/3 of the board for drive. This board is recommended as a 2+1 but could easily be fun as a single fin. Recommended wave size are as little as you want to double overhead. 


The Mod Fish

The Mod fish has a curvy attractive outline that makes the board move rail to rail. The tail has slight double bump wing that helps bring in the tail to a baby swallow tail. The bottom consist of a single concave with a quad fin set up. 


Retro Fish

Our Retro Fish is straight from the 70's. Jeff use to shape a lot of boards like this! Featuring a classic beak nose that helps keep foam in the nose and chest area for extra volume and flotation that equates to paddle power. Available with glass ons or a removable fin system for fin variety. 



The Double Black Diamon "DBD".  Well theres a lot going on here. First it has a cut off blunt nose with a straight outline. This makes the board go super fast. The bottom starts of flat in the nose to a single concave to a double barrel between the fins. We also put in two little channels out of the rear quads. We find this acts like little fins when riding it as a quad fin. Allowing the board to be fast down the line but also releasing for top turns.